Frequently Asked Questions

I have concerns about my child but I don’t really know what to do. How can you help?


My child was recently evaluated in the public schools and I don’t understand the special education process. Can you help?

  • Absolutely! We can review your child’s existing evaluation, current or proposed programs/services, and ARD documents to answer your questions and assist you in making informed decisions in the best interest of your child. If you’d like, we can also accompany you to your child’s ARD meeting at the school to assist you in collaborating with your child’s educational team.


Why should I have my child’s evaluation conducted by Clear Lake Children’s Center?

  • We provide thorough evaluations with data-driven conclusions. Each evaluation includes individualized recommendations to assist you in meeting your child’s needs. You don’t need a doctor’s referral for any services at Clear Lake Children’s Center. 


My child has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. How can I learn more about how to help my child in the home and community?

  • We offer individualized support to parents for a variety of presenting concerns, including behavior intervention, social skills strategies, communication supports, and facilitating community transitions, to name a few. Your needs may be met by meeting with us in the office or by having our parent trainer visit the home for in-home training and assistance. We do offer periodic workshops as well, so check with us to find out if we've got one on the calendar.


Do you offer child therapy?

  • Yes, we provide therapy to children and adolescents for anger management, impulse control, coping skills, depression, anxiety, social skills, teen issues, and a variety of other concerns. We start with a thorough parent interview to clarify the presenting issues and identify treatment goals. Sessions are then scheduled on a weekly basis.  


I have a preschooler who is constantly getting into trouble at day care and at home. Can you help?

  • Yes, we have several ways to help you with your preschooler! We can meet with you to develop an individualized plan for behavior intervention at home and with your child’s day care. We can also conduct a developmental screening or a more thorough early childhood evaluation to determine whether there is an underlying explanation for your child’s difficulties. Results from a screening or evaluation can also help us generate additional recommendations for follow-up supports or services that may be needed.


What is an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)?

  • An IEE is an evaluation conducted by professionals outside of the public schools for the purpose of determining educational eligibility and/or services. A parent has the right to request an IEE at public expense if he/she disagrees with the school’s evaluation conclusions or recommendations, including whether or not a child has a disability, the nature of the disability, or the proposed services. Contact us for additional information or to find out how to have your IEE completed by Clear Lake Children’s Center.


Do you accept my insurance?

  • At this time, we have one provider who accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield for parent consultation and child therapy. We are no longer accepting insurance for psychological evaluations but we will be happy to provide you a statement that you can submit to your own insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.